About us

“Western Hold” LLC was found in Khovd province in 2008 in the sectors of foreign and domestic trade and production of construction materials for civil and industrial construction.

Higher cost for transporting raw materials to the remoted western part of Mongolia is a major influencing factor for companies and individuals carrying out production and operations in the region. In 2019, “Western Hold” LLC initiated and implemented a project for construction of dry process plant with advanced technologies and production capacity of 300,000 tons of high-quality Portland cement per year in order the develop the construction and building materials industry in Western region under the support of the Government of Mongolia.

“Khovd Eco Cement” plant is located in Buyant soum of Khovd province, which is far from 1450 km from Ulaanbaatar city and 15 km from the province center, and its Shokhoit Uul, a deposit of limestone that is the main raw material for cements, is 1.8 km away from the factory. Limestone makes up 80 percent of cement ingredients, while the remaining 20 percent is made up of gypsum, iron ore, coal, and shale. Another advantage of the place chosen to build the cement plant in the Western region was that it was the most convenient location for raw materials. The construction of the plant was commenced by laying the foundation four years ago, and the plant was successfully built at the end of our relentless endeavors for achieving the goal despite various obstacles facing due to the nationwide economic crisis in connection to the global pandemic. “Khovd eco cement” plant complex consists of about 30 facilities, and produces high-quality products by processing natural raw materials with environmentally friendly and advanced technologies.

We aim to create favorable environment for Mongolians to work in our home country, to be proud of their acquired professions and skills and to support their aspirations for further development. Since the plant`s operation, it has created more than 350 new jobs, and 97% of the total staffs are the local and nearby soums` people. Allowing the local skilled professionals to work in the region opens up a lot of opportunities for young people.



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